A testament to DeGabriele’s Quality Ethos

03 Sep 2019 |

Mr Sam DeGabriele and Kat Finn

It is a true testament to Degabriele Kitchens to be invited to visit one of their first built kitchens. The attention to quality and detail is evidence of Degabriele Kitchens’ longevity, even after forty years of love and use.

The sad passing of her mother has led Kat Finn to reflect upon her childhood home. Being in the family for over fifty years, this household was beyond a building, rather a gathering place for the family to share meals and experiences together. Now as it prepares for sale, Kat reminisces on those moments with her mother and her much loved kitchen.
Kat reached out to Degabriele to congratulate them for their works, and recognise that the longevity and quality of the kitchen was ‘astonishing’ after forty years of use. She mentioned that this kitchen in particular is the second kitchen crafted by Degabriele Kitchens, and that it was ‘alive and well’ and still in ‘beautiful’ condition.
What promoted this interaction with Degabriele Kitchens was when Kat was clearing out her mother’s beloved kitchen that she realised ‘how well the kitchen was built’ especially after this kitchen had ‘endured some pretty hard times’. Kat invited owner and director Mr Sam Degabriele to visit and let him know how impressive his work is, and to applaud his quality of work.

[Not a sagging doors in sight]

“It wasn’t until my mum died and I was clearing out the kitchen cupboards, did I realise how well the kitchen was built. The cupboards still work perfectly, the hinges do not sag, and the carcases are all completely intact”
Kat Finn

“I was so honoured by the invitation to visit and see the kitchen and hear a lifetime of memories of growing up in this house”, said Sam. “The quality of the materials we use and the methodology of construction has always been our highest priority. To see that these cabinets and hinges are not only still working perfectly, but also look in top condition, fuels our ongoing commitment to quality. Normally after this length of time, the cabinet laminates swell and pop. These cabinet interiors still look amazing after forty plus years of use. In fact, my first comment was how well her mother had looked after the kitchen over the years. Kat was quick to point out that in truth, this wasn’t really the case and that it had endured some pretty hard times.”

Kat’s affiliation with DeGabriele Kitchens is beyond her mother’s kitchen. She too employed DeGabriele Kitchens to craft a kitchen for her home in Coal Point in Lake Macquarie thirty years ago. Her gift to Mr DeGabriele as a thank you was the sales folder of the photos of her kitchen from thirty years ago.

“We truly thank Kat for allowing us this rare and wonderful opportunity to visit her story, it was a very special day”.

This story is a testament to Degabriele Kitchens’ quality ethos. Being in the kitchen-making field for over forty years, Degabriele Kitchens is proud of their high quality materials and their commitment to exceeding client expectations.

[Overhead cupboard showing. Perfectly intact hinge with no rust]

[Splashback showing untouched grout still in impeccable condition]

Read Kat’s Story in Her Own Words

Our mum, Betty recently died having spent the last 58 years of her 89-year-old life, living in a little house in Northmead, western Sydney. About 40 years ago she decided to have a new kitchen installed and after seeing the beautiful kitchen that her nephew had built by Degabriele Kitchens, she decided to employ the company to undertake the transformation. I remember her telling me that two young brothers had started the kitchen business and were getting rave reviews from their clients. Both her and dad liked to support young, local businesses and I secretly think that mum liked having a couple of young, handsome tradies around the house.

I haven’t lived full time in the house for 38 years but have spent many lovely hours sitting in that little kitchen. In the last few years, when mum’s health was failing, I spent longer stretches visiting and caring for her. This meant that I also spent many hours in the kitchen preparing and cooking meals and had become intimately familiar with the robust little kitchen. It wasn’t until mum died and I was clearing out the kitchen cupboards, did I realise how well the kitchen was built. The cupboards all still work perfectly, the hinges do not sag, and the carcases are all completely intact. The rust coloured bench tops have no marks, and this is the same for the cupboard doors. Astonishing really, since they’ve endured some pretty hard times. I’ve lived in many homes and have never seen an older kitchen in such beautiful condition. I was prompted to tell Degabriele that one of their first kitchens was alive and well in the west and after speaking with Jacqui, their marketing manager, we organised a site visit. Sam was quietly pleased about his handiwork, but I suspect he wasn’t surprised about how well the kitchen had stood the test of time. That’s testament to the company’s quality ethos.

We got talking about houses and kitchens and I mentioned that I had also used Degabriele for a renovation that I’d done 30 years ago in a house on Lake Macquarie. In fact, I’d just found the sales folder with all of the photos of gorgeous, glossy Degabriele kitchen. Sam and Jacqui were pretty chuffed, and I gifted the folder to them for their back catalogue. We just may be the only family to have used Degabriele twice in 50 years. Thanks so much Sam for being part of our family home’s story.

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