Get a Free Zip Tap

04 Mar 2022 |

Zip taps are some of the best in the business when it comes to boiling and chilled water, delivered instantaneously through Zip’s filter tap. Enjoy instant filtered chilled and hot water straight from these stylish taps that are sure to make a splash in your kitchen (the good kind!).

Zip taps make it easier to increase your family’s everyday hydration. Easy access means you can stay cool and hydrated in summer, or simplify cooking processes through access to boiling hot water. Skip out on waiting for the kettle to boil and simply use your Zip tap to access boiling water immediately.

We’ve got some good news: from March to May, you can receive a free Zip hot/cold filter tap when you purchase a Dégabriele Kitchens installation. Enjoy year-round access to beautifully filtered water right in the comfort of your home when you purchase a full kitchen installation within the promotion period defined above. The best part? It’s on us.


Why choose Dégabriele Kitchens?

There’s no better time to organise your kitchen renovation from Dégabriele kitchens. Established in 1980, Dégabriele Kitchens and Interiors is a Sydney-based luxury design and manufacturing company. We specialise in premium, custom-designed joinery that transforms kitchens and interiors throughout the Harbour City.

Whether your dream kitchen takes a traditional form, breaks ground with a modern design, or is entirely bespoke based on your vision, we’ve got the specialist designers whose decades of experience can bring your dreams to life. We work closely with our clients to understand every element of their visions, customing our designs to suit lifestyles, design preferences, and size and layout constraints. We pride ourselves on unforgettable designs that are elegant, timeless and designed for practical everyday use.

Take a look at our gallery of recent custom kitchens to start your kitchen inspiration flowing!

Important details

We can’t wait to bring your kitchen to life. In order to receive the free Zip hot/cold filter tap, a full kitchen installation must be purchased within the 7th March 2022 to 31st May 2022 promotion period (defined as customers who have signed a contract and paid a 10% deposit minimum of the total contract value).

A full kitchen installation is defined as the work within the contract, including the installation of joinery, for a full working kitchen.

Our customers who are eligible within the above terms will receive at no additional cost either the Zip Hydrotap Classic Boiled/Chilled or the Zip Hydrotap Arc Boiled/Chilled in bright chrome.
If you’d like to upgrade this tap, all other colour finishes are an additional $280 inc. GST, and the sparkling function can be added for an additional $200 inc GST.
Each customer is eligible for a single Zip unit, regardless of whether their design incorporates more than one filter unit.
During the Promotion Period, if a customer elects not to receive a Zip Unit, Dégabriele Kitchens will apply a discount amount of $3300 to their total contract price in its place.

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