DéGabriele Kitchens & Interiors – 2022 Winner of the HIA-CSR NSW Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards

01 Nov 2022 |

Here at DéGabriele, we design kitchens, bathrooms, and interiors – and we love what we do. The Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom awards recently noticed our passion for interior design.

We are over the moon! Want to know more about the awards and which of our designs earned such recognition? Keep reading.

Here, we will discuss what the award means and the designs that made us a 2022 winner.

What Is The HIA 2022 Award?

The HIA 2022 award is an award granted by Housing Industry Australia. This year’s award ceremony was held at the ICC in Sydney, Australia, on the 8th of October. They scoured the country to find the best home design and interiors.

They granted the award for Australian Home of The Year 2022 to a mansion adorned with greenery with impressive and sophisticated modern design features. Their job is to find the best home designs from all over the country and evaluate which is most deserving of award recognition.

The HIA gave many awards this year for best apartment, kitchen, bathroom, and more. So, which award were we blessed to receive at DéGabriele this year?

At DéGabriele, we received the award for the Best New Kitchen for Over $60K. This prestigious award is granted by an association that knows impeccable interior design.

Who Was The Designer?

The designer who won the HIA 2022 award for DéGabriele is Nick Valmas. Nick is one of our designers passionate about creating kitchens and bathrooms that don’t just elevate the space but improve the client’s lifestyle.

Nick has been in the design industry for 24 years and has extensive practical experience as a renovator. He has a flair for design, and he is a social butterfly. Nick’s passion for what he does shines through in every project he undertakes, and he is just as excited as our clients are when he unveils their newly designed spaces.

Here’s what Nick had to say about the honour of achieving this award:

“Winning this award is a huge achievement to me as it is recognition from the industry of the amount of work, effort, and talent that goes into creating amazing spaces for clients that can compete and win such a prestigious award against the country’s finest designers.

My ultimate satisfaction is successfully creating amazing spaces for my client’s homes and lifestyles.”

Which Design Won The Award?

The Nick Valmas design that won the award was for a kitchen with an unusual layout. The family wanted a homely kitchen that created a cosy atmosphere, as they often had grandparents visiting and wanted to make them feel more comfortable.

They wanted a concealed entryway to a butler kitchen, where most food preparation would happen. The central kitchen would be primarily for socialising, and they didn’t want it getting messy or having intense food aromas.

The design for the central kitchen needed to be sleek and modern to match the lounge and living areas adjacent to the kitchen in the open-plan space. With the many entryways positioned in the kitchen area, this design was challenging, especially with the concealed butler kitchen.

To begin the design process, Nick started with the butler kitchen. The two double doors that blend with the cupboards keep the space accessible and serviceable while separating it from the central kitchen. The butler kitchen is a muted green, making the space homey and straightforward.

On the other hand, the central kitchen is fitted with American oak and Rosso Alpi marble showpiece furniture. The kitchen fixtures include finger pull handles and custom-made timber pull handles, not to contrast with the kitchen itself. Nick also introduced exposed frames to continue this look.

Nick incorporated an informal eating area for the clients, who specified they needed a casual eating area for their children. The cooktop and rangetop featured on the kitchen island ensure a functional and social workflow. The staggered height of the worktop allows greater convenience for the child-friendly eating area.

To Summarise

We are proud to announce the achievement of this prestigious award, and we are humbled that our designs have been recognised by such high authority. If you’re looking for impeccable and innovative interior design, why not reach out to our team? Our award-winning services are bound to get you the results you deserve.

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