03 May 2021 |

Many modern kitchens feature an island arrangement. However, not many of these kitchens can have a cooktop built into them. This is because a cooktop needs a range hood over it and these are often not great to look at. The designer of our Marquis kitchen in our new Ultimo showroom has come up with a brilliant solution. A metal gantry was designed to house the range hood. This gantry is made of steel and finished in a powder coated, matt black paint. Apart from housing the range hood, the gantry is also a platform for plates, glasses and, even some overhanging plants, to add a touch of warmth. The LED strip lighting underneath provides working and mood lighting.

The designer’s intention was to provide a practical and beautiful solution to island top cooking, allowing the chef to interact with the family. This is a great outcome and the height can be adjusted to cater to people’s needs.