Navigate Your Way To Your Perfect Kitchen – A Guide

19 Mar 2021 |

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

But, it is more than that!

The kitchen is also a very important selling point, from a real estate perspective.

So, it is very important that, when contemplating a new kitchen, that you make the right choices.

From any perspective, on the surface at least, the kitchen market appears to be oversupplied.

To the consumer, this may appear to be a good thing.

The more choices that are available the better deal one should be able to get. But, as with anything, a large range of choices can become rather bewildering.

This guide is intended to help steer you through this maze.

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To eliminate as many of the less important choices so that you can focus more of your time on the important ones.


Choice of Company

This is by far the most important decision you will make. The right choice of company should ensure that all subsequent decisions are made with the support of a competent and trustworthy partner. Here are some important points to consider in helping you choose the right kitchen design company.


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(i) Reputation

A long-standing company that has operated in the Sydney market for a number of years, particularly in your area, generally means they are reputable and have performed well.

(ii) License

Check the license of the operator with the CTTT, (Fair Trade). A kitchen company must be licensed to carry out renovations. Ask whether to company offers Home Owners Warranty, (HOW), Insurance – note that this is an obligation to you. Be wary if a company uses split contracts as it invariably means they will not provide you with HOW insurance.

(iii) Disputes

Check to see if there are any unresolved disputes with the CTTT.

(iv) Home Owners’ Warranty

A kitchen company must have a valid Home Owners’ Warranty Cover.

(v) Public Liability

Ask them whether they have a Public and Products Liability Policy. This should be for at least, $10,000,000.

(vi) Guarantee

A kitchen company is obliged to provide a statutory warranty period of seven years. Most professional kitchen companies offer an additional warranty period. You should ask for a copy of the extended warranty and read through it thoroughly. You may not think so at this stage, but if you invest thousands of dollars in a new kitchen, you would want an assurance that in the event of something going wrong with your kitchen, that the kitchen company will look after it for you.

As stated earlier, if security is important to you, you should ensure that you only deal with a reputable firm of long-standing. Because, after all, a warranty is not much use to you if the company is no longer around to honour it.

(vii) Contract

Ask for a copy of the contract. A professional kitchen company should have no qualms about letting you take a copy to read thoroughly or, to obtain a legal opinion. Look at the terms and conditions. Also, look at the payment structure. Make sure that you are not being asked to pay too much deposit. The law states that deposits are to be to the value of ten percent of the contract unless the contract is over $20,000, in which case, it should be five percent.

(viii) Referrals

Ask for written referrals. You may even ask for some contact numbers so that you can call the referees directly. Due to privacy laws, the kitchen company will need to get prior approval from the referee before they are able to pass on their contact details.

(ix) Showroom Presentation

Showrooms are, in most cases, the first point of contact with the kitchen company. Showroom staff, in general, reflect the company’s attitude towards their customers. Generally, if you feel positive about the showroom, its staff and the content, it is probably a good bet that the rest of the project would be in good hands.

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