Referral Card


This Promotion is conducted by Degabriele Kitchens NSW Pty Ltd, ABN 77 104 967 697 located at10A Valediction Road, Kings Park, NSW 2148 Australia.


This reward program commences June 1, 2019 and at this time, is continuing with no end date. Degabriele Kitchens retains the right to terminate this program at any time with no notice.

This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other advertised promotions or offers by Degabriele Kitchens.


The Promotion is valid to all existing Degabriele customers who have been given a referral card by a Degabriele Kitchen representative. They are hereby referred to as ‘ex-clients’

Referral cards are given only after a purchase and contract for kitchen or joinery.

These Referral cards are not discussed with customers prior to this time.

Purchase is defined as customers who have signed a Contract and paid a minimum amount of 10% of the total contract value.

This Promotion is not open to any employees or family members of employees of Degabriele Kitchens or its related companies.


For all ex-clients who are eligible according to the above terms, they may complete the stub section of the card and give it to any persons they are recommending.

Each card may only be used once. For additional cards, ex-clients may email to receive more cards to be sent to them.

For the Referral card conditions to be valid, the referred person must give the card to the Degabriele Kitchens staff member at the time their design consultation appointment is made.

If they are making the appointment by phone, they must mention to the Degabriele Kitchens staff member and then surrender the card when they next visit the Showroom or meet with their Designer.

There will be no payments made to either the ex-client or the new Customer if the card is not sighted before design commences.


Reward payments are only made in the event that the referred person becomes a customer and purchases a kitchen or joinery and signs a Contract to the value of $25,000 inc GST or greater.

For the new customer

  1. A purchase is defined as being when a Contract is signed and dated by all parties and payment of 10% of the total contract value has been made.
  2. Their contract will note a reduction of $1000 inc GST off their final payment amount.
  3. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional discount or offer that Degabriele Kitchens may be promoting.

For the referring ex-client

  1. A payment of $500 inc GST will be made to the referring ex-client by Degabriele Kitchens NSW Pty Ltd for their referral.
  2. This payment will be made once the referred client has completed their delivery payment for their joinery.

Please forward any questions about this Promotion to The Marketing Manager, 10A Valediction Road, Kings Park, NSW 2148 or call 02 9627 0500