Vince McGroarty


Vince received his first drafting board at the age of 9. This sparked his obsession with design and architecture. He has been designing ever since.

His initial training was in Marine design. Yachts, ships and their interiors. Unusual shapes and curves are therefore a welcome challenge. He loves solving Clients’ design issues.

Vince has been in the kitchen industry in Australia for 30 years and has accumulated a lot of knowledge which he can tap into. This, along with his very personable nature allows him to provide the best advice to his clients.

Vince had previously worked in Edinburgh , Glasgow, London. He also designed an Australian exhibition of products at the Harumi home show in Tokyo. His work has been featured in Belle Magazine, Inside Out, and other similar publications.

While his heritage and background has given him a fine grounding in Traditional styles, Vince also likes to create innovative, cutting edge designs.