3 Key Bathroom Lighting Considerations to Help You Make the Right Choice

16 May 2022 |

Time to select bathroom lighting? Overhead lighting, LEDs, wall sconces, pendants, strip lights, exposed bulbs, warm light, cool light… The options can feel endless and overwhelming. Selecting appropriate lighting for your bathroom involves a number of considerations and can really make or break a bathroom’s appearance and usability. Here are 3 key considerations to select bathroom lighting.


Lighting a small space

Bathrooms are relatively small spaces in our homes. When renovating and considering interior design, generally, one of the key goals is to create a sense of space. In small bathrooms, we recommend avoiding the use of any heavy, oversized or low hanging decorative lighting options. These may close in the space, disrupt the visual flow and make a small room feel claustrophobic. Instead, opt for flush mount ceiling lights to help keep the room feeling streamlined and open. 

Simple LED downlights are a popular inclusion in bathroom renovations. Careful and considered placement is important, as they can cast challenging shadows. If downlights are to be used as the primary light source in a bathroom, avoid placing them too far from the bathroom mirror and vanity. Instead, place them between the mirror and where you would stand – this placement helps reflect light onto the mirror and back onto your face.


Lighting for mood

A beautiful bathroom can be a sanctuary – a haven to escape the hustle and bustle, wash away the stresses of the day and treat oneself to self-care. Bright, fluorescent lighting can really kill the spa-style vibe! 

A great bathroom design should include a lighting option that helps create a relaxing, calming at-home spa atmosphere when desired. 

Consider adding a dimmer: it is a fantastic option for creating flexible lighting. Dimmed lighting provides a gentle, warm atmosphere. Dimmers are also a convenient way to calmly light a bathroom overnight so that children can find the bathroom easily, without being exposed to bright lights. 

Decorative wall sconces add visual interest to a bathroom. Wall sconces generally emit a gentle, low level of light. Sconces with ornate work can create texture by casting beautiful, interesting shadow patterns, transforming your bathroom with a simple flick of the switch. 

Strip lights situated under a floating vanity are another way to subtly light a room and are popular in more contemporary designs. 

For larger bathrooms, pendant lights can be a beautiful design feature and really help to transform a bathroom’s sense of luxury. Try hanging a cluster of pendants over a bathtub to create a statement focal point. 


Lighting for makeup and beauty

While it’s wonderful to be able to transform your bathroom into a spa for a day, it is also vital that the bathroom is a functional space. Therefore the ability to create clear, even, and bright light is important. 

Carefully positioned LED downlights, an illuminated mirror and Hollywood vanity lights all cast an even light, which is vital for makeup application. 

Whenever possible, include as much natural light as possible. Natural light is the ideal light for applying makeup and helps make smaller rooms feel larger. A window will help keep the air fresh; if natural light is low, consider the inclusion of a skylight. 


Our expert team of bathroom designers will work with your vision and your specific bathroom space to optimise lighting with the goal of having a practical, beautiful and versatile bathroom that you’ll love. Contact us today