4 Appliances And Kitchen Additions We Love For Stress-Free Entertaining

16 Dec 2021 |

Hosting an evening dinner party or cocktails can be an excellent opportunity to show off your beautiful home and your entertaining skills. But, it can also be stressful, and you could end up providing a perfect evening for your friends at the expense of your enjoyment.

Want to entertain in style and still be free to enjoy your evening? This guide will illuminate some appliances and kitchen additions that can make your life easier when entertaining guests.


The Best Appliances And Additions For Entertaining In Your Kitchen

This list of appliances and additions will have your guests planning their own bespoke kitchen renovation while also allowing you to breathe and enjoy the company. Take a look at our recommended selection of appliances you should consider for your next hosting event.


french provincial kitchen with bar area

Drinks Trolley or Bar Area

One of the latest stylish kitchen additions is a drinks trolley or designated bar area. If your kitchen is too small to hold a bar area, a drinks trolley is an excellent alternative.

Simply pick up a trolley – gold works well with both contemporary and classic kitchen designs – and fill it with bottles of your favourite spirits. Adorn the top shelf with an ice bucket, mixer, and drink garnishes for your guests to help themselves to their drink of choice.

You can do the same with your bar area by fitting a bottle optics holder and filling decanters with your favourite spirits before laying out your ice and garnishes. This will add a sophisticated and stylish feel to your next cocktail party.


Kitchen with fridge for ice

Accessible Ice

If you’re planning on serving cocktails for your guests, you will want them to be fresh and ice-cold (unless you’re serving hot toddies). Rather than buying bags of ice that can waste a lot of your freezer space, consider an ice machine. Look for a small free-standing appliance to place on the kitchen counter or, alternatively, select a fridge or freezer with an ice machine function built-in. There will be no more last-minute rushes for the oft-forgotten bag of ice.


Degabriele Kitchen Drawer dark veneers

Warming Drawer

One of the most challenging hurdles one faces when hosting a party and serving food is preparing the meal in time for your guests’ arrival. Not only does the food need to be warm, but the kitchen mess must be put away to create a clean and palatable environment for your guests.

A warming drawer allows you to prepare your food hours before your guests arrive and give you ample time to get your kitchen looking immaculate. Your guests will be impressed by your organisational skills and enjoy the meal at the correct temperature.


A Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a perfect addition to promote an open atmosphere when entertaining. You can serve a spread of food with guests seated or standing as part of the action. During the pre-meal time, a dinner table can be overly formal and limit mingling between your guests.

Consider installing a kitchen island to add a casual and sociable feel to your entertaining space. Browse our case studies to see the kitchen island in action, whether suited to large family kitchens, bachelor pads, contemporary or classic design. Take a look at the exquisite fittings on offer.



Whether your kitchen has a traditional or modern look, these kitchen additions will add a sense of ease when you host your next social gathering. Relax at your next dinner party and let your kitchen do the hard work; your guests will feel positive energy too. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your specific needs. With Christmas around the corner, we are offering our Sydney customers the chance to win one of two crucial kitchen appliances from SUB ZERO & WOLF. Find out more here. Entries close on the 19th of December 2021.


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