5 key considerations for creating the ideal kitchen for a large family

06 Mar 2022 |

Kitchens are the heart of the home. For a large family, clever design is essential to make the most of this high traffic area. Here, we share five tips to create the ideal kitchen for a large family.

Floor plan

The floorplan is the foundation for good function and flow. The layout will be dependent on the space available in your home, so your dream open plan kitchen may just not be an option, and that’s OK. Professional kitchen designers like DéGabriele have a bounty of tricks up their sleeves to optimise any space.

Creating a bespoke kitchen design with a professional designer will assist you in ensuring all your kitchen needs are met. Love to bake? Incorporate specialist drawers with all your favourite ingredients at easy access. Love to host? Add a gorgeous servery and custom wine racks or wine fridge. Work from home? Incorporate a concealed pull out desk.

If your kitchen space allows, consider including an island with under bench storage and/or seating. This creates a multipurpose surface to prepare and serve food, supervise homework, dine at or simply socialise and hang out together.


Establishing clear zones will help keep your kitchen organised and meet the many needs of a large and busy family. Individual zones may include things like food prep, cooking, storage, dining and perhaps even an organisation and home office zone in some cases. Food prep surfaces should aim to be close to the sink, dishwasher and fridge. Dining spaces should have enough space to pull out chairs, walk around corners and have ample legroom. Store like items together.


Anyone who runs a large household understands that storage is precious and pivotal in the organisation and maintenance of a busy family home. Adequate storage helps keep surfaces clear, clean and clutter-free.

A well-designed kitchen will optimise storage and incorporate clever storage solutions. Overhead cabinets should extend to the ceiling wherever possible to create space to store infrequently used items out of the way. DéGabriele is renowned for savvy storage solutions. Whether it’s an under stair pantry, recessed shelving, or clever corner units, every inch of the kitchen should be utilised and put to good use.

Supersize your appliances

To accommodate enough food for a large family, we highly recommend supersizing your fridge, freezer, dishwasher and also your sink. This will help keep your family well-organised, well-stocked and make it easier to reset your kitchen efficiently each day.

Low maintenance surfaces

High traffic areas in large family households need to be resistant to the many spills, food stains, scrapes and messes. Choose surfaces that are easy to clean and that are scratch, heat and stain-resistant. Keep in mind that dark, glossy surfaces are more likely to show fingerprints and smudges. Instead, choose matte, light surfaces. Your DéGabriele designer will be able to assist in selecting the perfect, high-performance surface for your family.

Incorporate these design tips and enjoy a gorgeous and well-functioning kitchen for your family to cook, eat, live and enjoy together. Contact DéGabriele today to get started on the path to designing your dream kitchen.

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