Drummoyne Home

Drama and individuality ooze from this award-winning, statement kitchen.

This unique kitchen design perfectly balances boldness and sophistication with warmth and openness.


high-end materials

The near-black colour palette uses dark veneer for the joinery, creating a beautifully textured surface and offering captivating depth to the design. Custom-made gold handles, like an elegantly-jewelled lady, perfectly accent the near-black tones. These bespoke handles were created using a unique gold powder coat that simulates the look of antique brass.


Balance is achieved with warm natural lighting and a layout that effortlessly balances form and function. The room is flooded with wonderful natural lighting, and windows are framed elegantly in black. The contrasting Superwhite Dolomite stone benchtop of the island bounces light playfully and invitingly and offers striking sophistication and elegance to the otherwise dark kitchen.

Space for ample seating, and clever use of the corner enabling additional seating, invites the opportunity to gather and helps make this inspired kitchen a warm centre of this family home.

A minimalist black and white kitchen with a large island and plenty of storage cabinets
spacious kitchen with white cabinetry and large island