Middle Cove Home

An old, poky space is replaced with an award-winning kitchen that feels open and spacious, calm yet striking.

Client Brief:
The existing kitchen felt claustrophobic, and hosted an all-white palette. The client wanted to shift gears and create a striking, cutting edge look that elevated the space and gave a sense of substance to the small kitchen area, with maximum bench space possible. Connection between the indoors and outdoor balcony was also important to the client for flow. It was important to incorporate the sweeping vistas into the new design.


high-end materials

Focal Design Elements:

With limited space with which to work, texture and materials become the feature of the kitchen. Bold, dark cabinets, Tasmania Oak timber accents, Calaccatta marble countertops and a mirrored splashback work together to create a spacious, substantial and modern kitchen that’s striking and inviting.

An expansive bifold window makes a statement, connecting the kitchen with the balcony and bringing in gorgeous natural light and stunning treetop views. A return timber breakfast bar adds extra interest and practicality, supported by custom made metal to keep the space open and airy.


Overcoming Design Challenges:

The presence of an awkward corner posed a design challenge that was resolved by the addition of lovely floating display shelves with running marble splashback that is luxurious and polished.

A kitchen with a walk-in pantry featuring plenty of shelves and cabinets