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What Is Required In A Kosher Kitchen?

To help you understand the scope of the project and the specifications our team needed to keep in mind during the design process, we will first cover the basics of kosher kitchens.

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Here’s what’s required in a kosher kitchen:

  • Separation of meats – Jewish families must use separate utensils, sinks, and ovens in a kosher kitchen when preparing meat.
  • Separation of dairy – all dairy products must be stored and processed separately from meat products. This means that they require a separate sink.
  • Additional storage space – separating meat and dairy means that a kosher kitchen requires ample space for storing different utensils to process each food group separately.

So, in preparing our designs for a kosher kitchen, we needed to facilitate two separate sinks and ample storage for different sets of utensils for meat and dairy. In addition, allowing room for double sets of appliances.

A kitchen design and renovation with a Jewish theme

DéGabriele’s Bespoke Kosher Kitchen

To accommodate all the family’s needs, we installed three sinks in this stunning kitchen. Two of these sinks are Franke Bolero sinks, designed to be utile with a functional basin. Then, to account for other food prep needs and hand-washing, we added another Abey sink in the kitchen.

The kitchen was also fitted with two dishwashers – SMEG and Fisher & Paykel – providing more convenience for large dinners and gatherings.

For food preparation, we ensured the kitchen had two separate SMEG microwaves and ovens, offering a classic and statement feel to the kitchen’s design.

The kitchen surfaces were also fitted with a SMEG stovetop and rangehood, and a Fisher & Paykel fridge was installed. The tap fixings are Oliveri mixer taps for a contemporary touch in this classic kitchen, bringing a modern feel despite the vintage aesthetic of the SMEG kitchen appliances.

For a clean and refined finish, we installed white Ceasarstone Frosty Carrina Quartz kitchen countertops. And, to create a homey and traditional feel throughout, the kitchen cabinets were fitted with wooden shelving units, adding both detail and warmth.

The Result

When designing and creating kitchens, it’s essential to consider the client’s needs as a priority. For this kitchen, we prioritised making an entirely kosher kitchen to meet the client’s expectations, and ensured the kitchen had both a fresh and classic feel, with warm detailing to create a more comfortable atmosphere. If you’re impressed by this design, why not check out more of our case studies, or reach out to one of our design aficionados at DéGabriele Kitchens and Interiors today!

Bespoke kitchen cabinetry with white finish and marble countertops