Showroom in Willoughby

Our New Interior Showroom in Willoughby

Find interiors suited to your exquisite taste – for every room!

You can find our new interior showroom next to the DéGabriele flagship on Penshurst St., Willoughby. Welcome to our special space that offers inspiration to help you to create a visual interiors palette for each room of your home.


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Come And Explore Our Showroom To Re-Envision Your Entire Home

The showroom is split across two levels in our new Willoughby location. Downstairs, you’ll find inspiration for your bar, cellar, library, lounge, wardrobes, and bathroom. All rooms are set up to help you reimagine your space, providing different flooring and material samples to help you adapt our designs to reflect your style.

As you browse the ground floor, you’ll find our four beautiful bathroom designs. Each of these represents a different style, including both modern and traditional designs and warm or moody colours, to help you find the right choice for your interior. We consider every detail: even the bath and vanity in each are different.

As you walk along, transport yourself to our exquisite wardrobe section displaying rich and elegant veneer walk-in robes. Browse specific robes dedicated to the differing needs of gentlemen and ladies, determined by the finishes and bespoke storage solutions.

Spend some time in our hearty wooden library, continuing on to our living space designs. Look through our lounge rooms with traditional and modern fireplaces and refreshingly clean, bright conservatory layouts. Imagine your luxury bar setup and enjoy wine cellar designs with a classical and historical appeal.

Pay attention as you ascend to the upstairs showroom area – our wall panelling and handrails with accent lighting show you the polished and grandiose look we can offer at DéGabriele Kitchen and Interiors.

Upstairs, we offer a retail space with all the PC items you need for your bathroom renovation. Our selection studio includes vanities, baths, basins, tapware, showerheads, mirrors, and more to help you build and customise your vision. You’ll find many standard and custom-made flooring options, from French oak flooring to a wide range of tile options.

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Ceiling with wooden beams and a chandelier, adding warmth and elegance to the room's decor. - degrabriel
side wall in the stairs - degrabriel
a white sink with double faucet
A spacious walk-in closet with a mirror and neatly arranged clothes. - degrabriel
image of a degabriele kitchens staff member working on a project
counter top table with different variety of tiles - degrabriel
different variety of tiles - degrabriel
different variety of sinks and faucets - degrabriel
image of a degabriele kitchens staff member measuring a project
different variety of bathroom and kitchen items - degrabriel
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degabriele store beside highway
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degabriele store

Our Showroom Is Unlike Any Other

What makes the new DéGabriele showroom in Willoughby so special is that it highlights the whole house. Ordinarily, you would need to visit many different galleries to gain inspiration for each room in your home. But, here at DéGabriele, we proudly design both interiors and kitchens.

Our new showroom is designed to help you plan the interior of your whole home with just a single visit. When you come to our showroom, you’ll feel as though you’re walking through a showhome – you can create your dream renovation step by step as you move through each room.

We value elevated and high-quality interiors here at DéGabriele, but we also value our customers’ time. This is why we have designed a showroom that provides as much convenience as possible.

In addition to helping you plan your home design with a single visit, we offer you access to fitting services and trades in-house. DéGabriele is one of the few interior and kitchen designers with a builder’s license. We can handle all of the processes involved in your renovation, from the plumbing and electrical, to knocking down or building walls, and even altering your ceiling and creating windows. It’s our belief that you should be able to access all the services you need from a single provider, which is why we offer an extensive all-around service for our customers.

Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive new showroom or to kickstart your next project.

reading area with lots of books - degabriele
different variety of wines - degrabriel
An elegant kitchen showcasing a wine rack and a bar, complete with a stylish counter top - degrabriel
A kitchen with a wine rack and a bar, featuring a sleek counter top - degabriele
reading area with lots of books - degabriele
Interior of walk-in closet with wooden cabinets and chair, filled with clothes - degabriele
Luxurious bathroom with black marble walls and a spacious tub - degabriele
A bathroom with a glass shower door and a bathtub - degabriele
A bathroom with a tub and a walk-in shower, featuring a spacious bathing area for relaxation and convenience - degarbiele
A spacious bathroom featuring a sizable tub and a convenient walk-in shower - degabriele
different wood patterns - degabriele