Create a hotel-worthy bathroom at home with these 5 tips

06 Mar 2022 |

If you’ve ever stayed in a luxury hotel, then you’ve experienced the delight of a 5-star bathroom experience – from the gorgeous finishes to the carefully-selected shampoo and soft towels. Why wait until your next vacation? Follow these design tips to bump up your home bathroom’s star rating.


1. Call in the experts

To truly create a dream bathroom, nothing compares to recruiting specialist bathroom designers. DéGabriele’s renowned team of professionals optimise the layout of your space both visually and practically. In listening carefully to your specific brief, they work closely with you at every stage of the design process. They assist in selecting fittings and fixtures, creating custom cabinetry and other bespoke items for a bathroom worthy of a 5-star rating.


2. Select the perfect tiles

Tiles transform a bathroom. Regardless of your aesthetic – be it classic, contemporary, monochromatic, period or something else entirely – tiles matter. DeGabriele’s expert team assist in the removal of existing tiles, ensuring quality waterproofing and surface preparation. They help with the selection of new tiles for the perfect design statement, longevity and practicality of the bathroom, as well as ensuring quality installation for long-lasting enjoyment.


3. Bathtubs matter

Luxuriating in a bath feels opulent. If you have the space, add a gorgeous bathtub or replace your tired, dated tub with a statement, feature bath. Freestanding, pedestal, recessed, clawed, drop-in, jacuzzi, corner, statement colour… the choices are endless. DéGabriele’s design team will advise you on the best bathtub for your bathroom design and home’s style. We have a range of baths to view in our selection studio.

Once your new tub is ready to go, simply add a jar of scented Epsom salts and a bamboo caddy, ready for a relaxing soak.


4. Upgrade PC items for 5-star finishes

Upgrade your PC items such as taps, showerhead, mirrors and hardware. Outdated hardware and fixtures dramatically impact your bathroom’s overall look and feel. Consider new stainless steel accessories in clean, contemporary lines or heritage styles to enhance period features. Maybe you prefer brass or brushed chrome for a bold, contemporary and striking feature. Be consistent: mismatched fixtures will never achieve that sought after luxury hotel look.

Rain shower heads will feel like a day at the spa, double showers add instant romance, and dual shower heads enhance daily practicalities.

DeGabriele’s experienced design team will assist in showing you through the extensive range of products in our design studio.


5. Towels, hampers and other luxurious decor options

Fluffy, white oversized towels are quintessentially luxurious. Replace tired, discoloured and mismatched bath towels with a set of quality white towels, bathmats and hand towels.

Want extra luxury? Install a heated towel rack, and monogram your towels for a personal touch.

For more cohesion and style:

  • Replace a plastic bin and/or laundry hamper with an attractive woven basket or concealed hamper.
  • Update toilet brushes, toilet paper holders and other utility items.
  • Add a small stool or bench, a cosy bathrobe and a pot plant.
  • Keep surfaces clean and clutter-free (apart from a gorgeous hand wash).


Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms of the home. We all deserve a space that is not only practical and high functioning but promotes self-care and wellbeing. DéGabriele is a leader in bathroom design. Contact DéGabriele today to create a hotel-worthy bathroom in your home.

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