Why Choose Dégabriele

At Dégabriele Kitchens and Interiors, we’re passionate about delivering value and efficiency for our clients — and our custom joinery solutions are the perfect embodiment of this. We take a personalised approach to each custom joinery project, so you’re guaranteed to get a unique, high-quality product that complements your home.

If you’re planning on enhancing your home with custom joinery, our talented team is here to help. We rely on a combination of creativity, experience, and proven design principles to build and install tailor-made joinery that maximises your space and adds a one-of-a-kind look.

With Degabriele, you can expect:

  • Unique custom joinery solutions that suit your space
  • Competitive pricing options
  • Outstanding customer service

We’re committed to customer satisfaction, with a constant focus on delivering the best possible service and craftsmanship for our clients. If you’re considering custom joinery in Sydney, there’s no better option than Degabriele Kitchens.

Custom Joinery

We design custom joinery in all shapes and styles, from entertainment units to home bars to window seating.

40 years of experience

Innovative designers

Our custom joinery products are the perfect solution for any space in your home. Whether you need extra storage or a custom-fit space for your TV, Degabriele Kitchens and interiors is your go-to provider for custom joinery in Sydney.

At Dégabriele, we don’t compromise on quality. Some people may spend more on the kitchen and save money elsewhere in the house, but the way we manufacture any joinery in the house will be the same as we do for the kitchen. We don’t cut any corners.

We offer four different interior colours for all joinery as our minimum standard, while most companies only do white. You may choose the ‘Nahema Gray’ for Laundry, the ‘Manchurian Walnut’ for wardrobe, ‘Silver lining’ for the home bar and ‘Bespoke oak’ for their home office.

In the past, we have created a wine collection under the stairs, bed head feature wall with storage and a secret safe room. As long as they have any sort of wall or space, our designers work with the client to create magic, which certainly adds value to the house. Contact us today to learn about our custom joinery solutions.

Additional services


We hold a full builder’s licence and can assist with structural and non-structural building work.


Put the finishing touches on your new home with the help of our professional painters.


While other kitchen companies require you to organise flooring yourself, not Dégabriele Kitchens and interiors. We have a full builder licence and can do this for you.

Our promise

At Dégabriele Kitchens and Interiors, we’re committed to high-calibre craftsmanship, professional service, and customer satisfaction. We don’t make any compromises in terms of quality, so you can feel confident that you’re getting a reliable product that meets our high standards. Plus, all of our work is backed by a statutory seven-year warranty.

High-End Design

Quality Service

Cutting Edge Styles

Amazing Support

Case studies

If you’re curious to see how we’ve implemented custom joinery solutions in our clients’ homes, check out our case studies. You’ll find several examples of our innovative custom joinery products, including custom-built bench seating, walk in robe, and laundry storage, all designed to complement the unique characteristics of each space.