How To Make the Most of a Small Laundry Space: Design Considerations

04 Apr 2022 |

Laundry rooms are usually relatively small rooms, and that’s if you’re fortunate to have a designated room in the first place. Oftentimes, European laundry spaces are incorporated into homes to optimise limited space. These four tips will help make the most of your small space.


Invest in cabinetry

Hands down, the best solution to elevating and optimising your laundry space is to invest in custom cabinetry. Expert designers and cabinet makers, such as the team at DéGabriele, will work with you to meet the brief of your specific needs and space.

Designers will assess the layout of the laundry space to design and execute a laundry that is bright, with loads of storage, flow and function.

Vertical designs help maximise storage opportunities without encroaching on the floor plan. Cabinets should extend to the ceiling wherever possible.

Designers will triage your needs and prioritise important laundry inclusions, such as a washer/dryer, sink, utility cupboard, hanging/drying space, laundry storage and other miscellaneous features subject to your intended purposes. Even if you have a laundry alcove, customising cabinetry will give you the perfect finishes and maximise storage.

Custom cabinetry is not only the most practical investment, but it is also guaranteed to offer the most professional, streamlined and upmarket finish, adding value and charm to your property.



There are a few great options to accommodate appliances into a small laundry space. DéGabriele always recommends building in your appliances for a clean, professional and high-functioning space.

If you have room for a bench, incorporating an under bench washer and dryer, side by side, is a fantastic option. Adding custom cabinet doors give you the option of hiding appliances and creating a sound barrier when appliances are operating.

In narrow spaces, stack the washer and dryer. Again, conceal appliances with custom doors to elevate the design.

There are some fantastic combination washer/dryers on the market for clients who are extremely limited on space, live in climates where the necessity for drying is infrequent, and want to reduce their environmental impact or save financially.


Doors matter

Consider the type of door to your laundry room while you are navigating the cabinetry. DéGabriele’s design expertise will assist in selecting the perfect doors for your purposes. Alternatives to a traditional hinged swinging door include:

  • Bifold or concertina doors – fold in on themselves, helping to save space by its stacking design.
  • Sliding doors or barn doors – require enough space for the door when it is in an open position. For small spaces, this can encroach on potential storage. Barn doors add visual interest and open on the outside of the room, which may function better in your space if the laundry is off a hallway.
  • Cavity sliders – a clever and popular option in modern homes. They function like a sliding door, however, they slide and disappear into the wall cavity. These are a fantastic option if building a new home.
  • Pocket doors – tuck in and retract at a 90-degree angle and are a great option for long, narrow spaces.


Clever gadgets and gorgeous decor

It is often the finishing touches and clever ideas that make small laundry spaces highly functional, organised and visually pleasing. Consider adding drying rails, retractable drying and hanging racks, a wall-mounted ironing station, clever hooks and floating display shelves to keep clutter easily accessible but off the counter space.

For high-use items and those that can’t be concealed, opt for elevated versions of utility items. Choose wood, woven baskets, clay, glass and other natural fibres in place of plastic when it comes to items such as laundry and storage baskets, soap dispensers, brooms and scrubbing brushes.

Don’t be deterred by a small laundry space. With smart design and quality execution, you can have a functional, elegant laundry space that you love. Contact DéGabriele today for expert advice to achieve the tiny laundry of your big dreams.