It’s Time to ‘Green’ Your Kitchen in 2023: 4 Easy Ways

10 Feb 2023 |

With sustainability on everybody’s mind, it’s time to turn our attention to the kitchen. If you’ve thought about creating a more natural, harmonious and eco-friendly kitchen space, these tips below are certain to help you on your way.

Energy-efficient appliances

You can buy an appliance for almost everything today. However, if you want to be more sustainable, purchasing a lot of electrical appliances works against you. Naturally, all kitchens need certain devices, and these will depend on how you use your kitchen. But the key is to research the energy efficiency of appliances before buying. Most have energy ratings these days, so you can see which ones will give your kitchen an instant sustainability (and electricity usage) boost.

Create a mindful kitchen space

Your kitchen area is likely to be one of the busiest and most-used parts of the home. With that comes a risk of clutter and disorganisation, which makes it a much less enjoyable place to be. When designing your kitchen, try to incorporate mindfulness to ensure your space remains calm and organised.

Use calming colours, such as blues which are naturally soothing. Go bold with statement walls and cabinets, or keep it muted and mellow with softer tones and decorative splashes of blue.  

Ensure your space is easily well-organised, with a place for everything and everything in its place. Sensible storage options make it easy to keep things in order. Remember, you don’t need to keep everything shut away, but you do want to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Think about your utensils

In the same way that you should look for energy-efficient appliances, you can also commit to using more eco-friendly utensils. This doesn’t mean sacrificing any comfort or functionality, either. The kitchen is full of items that can be replaced with sustainable options.

For example, use glasses made from recycled glass, and plates and bowls made from recycled materials. You can even choose wooden cooking utensils instead of plastic ones. Replace your old plastic chopping boards with wooden ones. Also, when it comes to food storage, get rid of plastic containers and opt for glass, metal or silicon products that are more eco-friendly and durable.

Eco-friendly cleaning

With so much food preparation taking place in the kitchen, it’s important to keep it clean. Traditionally, this meant the use of household cleaners that are terrible for the environment. Get rid of those chemical bottles and replace them with more eco-friendly options made from natural ingredients. They do sometimes cost a little more, but your home will be healthier and more sustainable as a result (they also smell delicious!).

Even common pantry items like vinegar and baking soda are very effective in cleaning and disinfecting surfaces while also leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and natural. 

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