The European Laundry: A Renovator’s Delight of Convenience and Appeal

10 Feb 2023 |

European laundries have been popular for a long time, but until recently, they have usually only been considered in smaller homes or apartments. They’re also sometimes known as New York laundries due to the innovative and space-saving apartment-style solutions required there. A European laundry is essentially a smaller laundry space that’s incorporated into another part of the house rather than being its own standalone room.

Most commonly, a European laundry consists of a washer, dryer and sink tucked away behind cupboard doors, under stairs or anywhere else they can fit in a small home.

Benefits of a European laundry

The major benefit of a European laundry is that it saves space. Why have an entire room for your washing machine and dryer when you can tuck it away discreetly and use that space more effectively? A European laundry can be installed almost anywhere, such as behind cupboard doors, incorporated into a butler’s pantry, under the stairs or even tucked away in a hallway.

When space is at a premium, a European laundry is a smart choice. But it also adds a level of modern elegance and convenience to your home. There’s no more carrying loads of washing all over the house – your laundry is conveniently located where you need it.

Ways to incorporate a European laundry in your home

Here are three different yet effective ways to include a European laundry in your home.

Consider a butler’s pantry and European laundry combo

If you love entertaining, you’ll definitely want to consider installing a butler’s pantry. This is a separate pantry/kitchen that is usually behind a door in your kitchen. Find out more about butlers pantries here.

A butler’s pantry gives you an astonishing amount of additional space, making it the perfect place for a washing machine, dryer and storage. Plus, there’s already plumbing there, which is important because you’ll need a sink (or an alternative way to remove washing machine water). In some home designs, you could even ditch the standalone laundry altogether in favour of a butler’s pantry and incorporated laundry.

Use discreet cupboards

The beauty of European laundries is that they can go anywhere. If you’re short on space, you can put your washing machine, dryer and a small sink behind some bi-fold doors and keep them out of view. You’ll only need to open the doors when you use the laundry. The beauty is nobody will even know it’s there because, with clever design, it looks like nothing more than a standard storage cupboard. You can even use slightly different colours for the cupboard and doors, making it a feature.

Under the stairs

Another cool place to consider a European laundry is under your stairs. There is often a lot of wasted space under the stairs, so if you work with an experienced designer, you can access a great new storage area. Best of all, you can tuck your European laundry under the stairs where it is out of sight but is still extremely convenient to access. 

Looking for help with innovative luxury kitchen and laundry design?

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