6 Considerations for Creating the Ultimate His and Hers Bathroom

24 Aug 2022 |

A his and hers bathroom is every adult’s dream. Your bathroom should be equally as practical as it is beautiful – it should be a place with a sense of serenity. As we offer professional bathroom renovation services, we understand that creating the ultimate his and hers bathroom can be an overwhelming task. We’ve broken down our top tips so you can create a sophisticated yet practical version at home.


Consider how you’ll use the space

Whether renovating or starting from scratch, you need to know how to use the space. Bathrooms are all about practicality, but they also should be unique to you and your family, so if you love the look of a bathtub but know it will never get used, don’t include one.


Double shower head

Laundry room with custom dog bathtub

A his and hers style bathroom wouldn’t be complete without a double shower head. Depending on the layout of your bathroom and plumbing situation, you can either place the shower heads next to each other or across from one another.

As we mentioned earlier, consider how you will use the space. If you have younger kids or dogs who somehow end up in the bathroom, consider adding in a shower hose. They’re a great functional bathroom addition. If you’ve got more dogs than kids, check out this past project where we created a custom dog bath for one of our clients.


Keep it neutral

Depending on each taste, designing a his and hers bathroom could go one of two ways. Either you agree on everything or have a heated ‘discussion’. To avoid the latter, we recommend sticking to a neutral colour palette. This way, you can keep colour choices at a minimum and can add in pops of colours with towels and other styling items.


One mirror or two?

Consider your storage options if you’re tossing up between one shared mirror or two. If you don’t have any below bench storage, use two mirrors to your advantage. Include shelving behind the mirrors to increase storage space.


Single or double basin?

bedroom ensuite custom gold mirror design

You can still have a his and hers bathroom with one basin -it just needs to be big enough for both of you to share. There are pros and cons to each: having two individual basins means personal space but less bench space, whereas one large basin means more bench space. Again this choice should be based on how you use your area. Do you like spreading everything out when you get ready in the morning, or are you happy to keep most of your products in the cupboard and pull them out as needed?


What about the toilet?

Having the toilet in the bathroom can be a complete divide for some. Do you include it in the bathroom, or should you have it completely separate? Where plumbing is located is often out of your control. If you are not a bathroom toilet fan, but it has to stay, add a half wall for a little extra privacy.

If we’ve inspired you to kickstart a reno, or maybe you’ve got a million questions about how we can transform your bathroom, get in touch with our friendly team, and we’d be happy to help.


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