Our Top 5 (Not So) Hidden Perks of a Luxury Kitchen Staple: The Butler’s Pantry

10 Nov 2022 |

A butler’s pantry is often seen as a luxury item, especially if you’re a fan of reality renovation shows. But they can also be a highly functional asset for all modern homes. 

A butler’s pantry (also called a butler’s kitchen) is essentially a hidden kitchen attached to your main one. Rather than just being a large pantry for food, a butler’s pantry also features bench space and can include sinks, appliances and anything else typically found in the main area. 

So, whether you love entertaining guests or you need kitchen space for a large family, here are some of the benefits of installing a butler’s pantry in your home.


Perfect for entertaining

If you love entertaining at home, the butler’s pantry pays for itself over and over. In most homes, the kitchen and dining areas are quite closely linked, sometimes even open-plan. So, if you have guests gathered in the general area of the kitchen, the last thing you want is a whole lot of utensils, food and mess on display. 

Instead, you can do the majority of your food prep in the butler’s pantry, and you can be as messy as you like! This keeps everything out of view of your guests. It’s also more convenient when people come in and out of the kitchen for drinks or snacks while you’re busily preparing a meal.


Make post-meal time a breeze

It’s not always wise to take the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ view, but in the case of entertaining guests, it’s not a bad idea. If you’re a neat and tidy person, you likely want to pack the dishwasher and tidy the kitchen up straight after a meal, even if you have guests. Not only does this reduce your enjoyment of the evening, but it’s uncomfortable for guests who feel obliged to help when they’d rather be having fun. 

So, on special occasions, why not park all the dirty dishes in the butler’s pantry until your guests are gone? You and your guests will have a much better time, and your main kitchen stays beautifully clean for use throughout the rest of the night. Cocktails, anyone?


An element of luxury

Functionality in a kitchen is always the most important factor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a taste of luxury, too. When working with experienced kitchen and home designers, the idea is to create an aesthetically pleasing, modern space that offers excellent functionality. A butler’s pantry delivers both – adding a touch of luxury to your home and keeping your main kitchen less cluttered.


A place for bulky appliances

Hands up, who has purchased a kitchen appliance and realised it just takes up too much bench space? As a result, the appliance goes into the cupboard and sometimes gets completely forgotten. Rather than hiding your handy appliances away deep in a cupboard, they can sit comfortably on a  bench in your butler’s pantry, easily accessible when you need them.


Extra storage space

Some might argue that there is already plenty of storage space in a regular kitchen, but many people find kitchen storage frustrating. Many cupboards are either up high or down low, which means at one time or another, you’ll be crouching, reaching awkwardly into its depths for a container. So, with a butler’s pantry, you can keep all of your food out of sight and also create easier access for everything else. In addition, you can design your main kitchen with less storage and more functionality.


DéGabriele Kitchens offers expert kitchen design services, whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one. If you’re interested in installing a butler’s pantry or you simply want to transform your old kitchen into a more usable, visually appealing space, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!


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