The Top 4 Reasons Why We Love a Dramatic Island Bench

05 Jul 2022 |

An island benchtop helps turn the kitchen into the heart of the home. As a functional and attractive centrepiece, there are an array of reasons why we love kitchen islands.


Increased bench space, storage and functionality

Kitchen islands provide plenty of accessible counter space and boost the functionality of your kitchen. With a central kitchen island, you can easily manoeuvre between the benchtop and island countertops, helping with food preparation, cleaning up and day to day use of the kitchen space.

Consider using a kitchen island to define working zones or to assist in applying the “golden triangle rule” when determining the layout of your kitchen. This rule suggests that the stove, sink and fridge form a triangle configuration. An increasingly popular design choice is the inclusion of an island sink, helping to make the space functional and enjoyable.

You’ll feel more inspired to prepare healthy, delicious meals for your family and friends when food can be prepared in a spacious kitchen with ample counter space. Everything can be laid out and within arm’s reach.

Kitchen islands provide ample storage opportunities. There are many gorgeous ways to incorporate concealed or open storage into your island, often featuring built-in wine racks and bookshelves. Islands can also house appliances such as dishwashers and microwaves.


Visual appeal

Kitchen islands help define and add interest to the kitchen; they add a touch of drama and luxury to your space. There is no shortage of design options: kitchen islands come in all different shapes, sizes and materials.

The inclusion of a kitchen island gives more design freedom and the ability to express your personality. An oversized island creates a sense of scale, while you might choose to add interest and luxury with intricate details such as curves, moulding, strip lights or contrasting materials and textures.


Additional seating

Kitchen islands allow for additional seating. Bar stools create a casual space to sit and chat, do homework or consume early morning breakfasts or kid-friendly dinners. Tables attached to the island bench are also becoming increasingly popular. These L-shaped, connecting dining tables help save space while retaining prep space and a social seating configuration.

Additional seating means that parents can prepare meals while supervising homework, play, meals and connection time, making islands hugely popular amongst families.


Great for entertaining

Friends and family tend to congregate in the kitchen. Whether you’re hosting a kids’ playdate or birthday party, having the extended family around for Christmas lunch, letting your hair down with a house party or simply enjoying quality time with loved ones, the kitchen inevitably becomes the hub where the action happens.

Kitchen islands can double as a servery for drinks and canapes, or be used as a buffet table so that the dining table is clutter-free. It also helps make clean-up a breeze, with easy access for washing up and packing away.


Creating a home with flow, function, and beauty is easy with the addition of a beautiful kitchen island. DéGabriele Kitchens are the experts in kitchen design and renovations. We will help make your kitchen transformation a smooth and stress-free experience – contact us today and explore our case studies for inspiration.