The 5 Design Touches that Instantly Create a Functional and Elegant Wardrobe

05 Jun 2022 |

DéGabriele Kitchens know that the devil is in the details. From clever layouts to the smallest details, we share 5 simple design touches that instantly elevate the function and style of your wardrobe.


Quality design and workmanship

There is no doubt that quality workmanship pays off in the final result. When upgrading your wardrobe, working with experts is a wise investment. They can incorporate your needs and desires, help establish the smartest wardrobe layout for your space, customise a wardrobe that is specific to your vision and execute the work flawlessly. DéGabriele is a full-service offering, helping you from conception to completion with the highest standards and quality.


Personalise it!

How do YOU wish to use your wardrobe space? Do you love to see your gorgeous collection of handbags or shoes? Do you wish to store jewellery, ties, or accessories? Do you have an overwhelming collection of sporting gear or formal wear?

Generally, a wardrobe should include a combination of hanging space, open shelving, and both deep and shallow drawers. However, work with your designer to customise the wardrobe to fit your specific needs, incorporating a specific place for everything. Make your wardrobe work for you (and also look visually pleasing).


Consider the door and handles

The type of wardrobe doors and handles can transform its overall look, feel and function. There are many different types of wardrobe doors from which to choose, and each has different pros and cons to consider. Some of the most common wardrobe doors are:

  • Sliding doors – space-saving but can be restrictive to access due to the tracks they require.
  • Hinged doors – elegant and popular in spaces that can accommodate the room.
  • Bifold doors – a popular compromise between sliding and hinged doors, allowing more access than sliding doors and requiring less space than hinged doors. It is important to select quality hardware and tracks for smooth and reliable function.

Handles are a small detail that can have a big impact on the design of your wardrobes. Glass cut knobs add a touch of Art Deco elegance, while interesting textures like leather and brushed metals add interest. Handleless designs create a contemporary, minimal and seamless feel, enhancing a calm space. Think about the shape, texture, size and scale of handles, and have fun expressing your personal style.


Select the right lighting

Good lighting is essential for a beautiful wardrobe. Consider the angle and placement of downlights and the way in which you will be using your wardrobe. Walk-in robes can be dark and shadowy, making it challenging to select colour combinations or apply makeup.

Track lighting can help create atmosphere as well as add function. Automatic sensor lights that turn on when you enter the walk-in wardrobe or open a door add a touch of luxury and convenience.


Don’t forget the features and little luxuries

Upgrade your features and inclusions. Consider different moulding or contrasting textures and materials on cabinetry and shelving – you might add curved edges for visual interest and softness. A simple timber shelf on an otherwise white cabinet wardrobe can make a beautiful statement, enhance visual focus and add warmth.

Also, consider the placement of little luxuries and amenities such as cleverly located power points, mirrors, hooks, and small compartments. Other clever inclusions include desks, dressers and extra seating.


DéGabriele’s team of experienced designers are here to help understand your specific wardrobe needs, aesthetic style and vision. We will help you create your dream wardrobe and execute it to the highest standard. Contact us today.