Modernise Your Kitchen with These Tips and 5 Favourite Flooring Options

20 Sep 2022 |

Here at DéGabriele Kitchens, we understand that flooring in the kitchen has the potential to be an afterthought. We’re here to flip that thinking. Your kitchen floor has the opportunity to create unison throughout the home and modernise an already existing kitchen. When people say the kitchen is the heart of the home, they’re definitely right. With so many renovations completed, we’ve seen how creating a bespoke kitchen creates a space for family and friends to relax and enjoy.


Modern options for flooring

While you can modernise your kitchen with a few style tips and tricks, flooring is the way to create an impact if you’re looking for the ultimate contemporary update. Unique flooring or parquetry is a chance for you to leave your cabinets minimal and bring in details elsewhere. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to update your kitchen floor, look no further. We’ve broken down our favourite modern options for flooring and included a few styling tips to help you on the way.

Polished Concrete

We can’t go past the polished concrete look in terms of a modern look and feel. We’re starting to see more minimalist trends, each using concrete’s practicality.  Kitchen flooring should be able to withstand the messes and spills that happen day to day – polished concrete will stand the test of time.

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Polished concrete floor - Leichhardt Residence

We used polished concrete in this Leichhardt home, and the entire team was thrilled with the result. Even though this project in now six years old, the concrete still holds a modern look and feel.

Herringbone Pattern

It’s the ultimate show stopper and a favourite here in the showroom: herringbone parquetry is hard to look past. The intricate details of herringbone don’t need to be saved solely for your entranceway; they can be used in the kitchen to add another design feature.

Modern Kitchen design Herringbone Pattern flooring

Whilst the herringbone pattern is a detailed one to achieve, it often works well on a larger scale. We used herringbone in this gorgeously curated Darlinghurst Residence. This apartment needed an anchor, as it has a vast eight-meter wall that separates the kitchen and living area. The flooring flows through the kitchen and into the living room and walk-in wardrobe. Complimenting the dark features of stone and charcoal custom cabinetry, the flooring flatters the rest of the apartment beautifully.

Chevron Pattern

Like herringbone, chevron is a style of parquetry that can be used throughout the home, including the kitchen. We’ve used a chevron pattern in one of our ultra-modern projects. The Killara Home was originally a circa 1918 post-Federation bungalow; however it was renovated to combine this old-world charm with modern architecture. The chevron pattern, used throughout the kitchen and the butler’s pantry, grounds the blue cabinetry and marble design with a rust-red vein.

Along with giving your kitchen a modern edge, chevron can add the illusion of the kitchen feeling more significant than it is. Laying the pattern in the direction of the longer side of the kitchen will give it a lengthier feel, whilst applying your pattern widthways will make the kitchen feel wider.

Floating Floorboards

Floating floorboards are a great way to instantly add a modern feel to your kitchen. Available in various styles, materials and colours, there’s something to match every kitchen’s current aesthetic.

Whilst not floating, we did use regular floorboards in the Middle Cove home, ultimately opening up the kitchen. Before the renovation, the kitchen felt claustrophobic. The client wanted to create a space that provided a cutting edge, so light floorboards in this space helped to lift this feeling and tone down a stark before.


Tiles are a practical choice for a kitchen; they’re easy to clean, last a lifetime and don’t require any maintenance. Keep in mind that the lighter colour tiles will always be in need of a clean, whereas darker tiles can disguise dirt. We decided on a subtle grey tile for the Hunter’s Hill home. This kitchen was vast and complimented with white cabinetry, so, due to the enormity of the space, we decided to use larger tiles to fill the space efficiently.


Tips and tricks to modernise your kitchen

We work with various clients and understand that budget is always a topic of conversation, whether it is big or small. We’re always happy to discuss budget limitations, and sometimes a new kitchen floor doesn’t fit into the scope. Here are a few other ways to modernise the look and feel of your kitchen without needing to replace the flooring.

Declutter and deep clean

As we’re in our kitchens daily, we often don’t realise how much clutter and grime they hold. Whilst it might not modernise your kitchen completely, giving the kitchen a serious declutter and deep clean will show you what you’re starting with.

Opt for a moody palette

Once you’ve cleared out your kitchen and it looks new, consider a different colour palette. Darker colours and tones have a sultriness to them and always give you the luxe feeling of a modern kitchen. Tones of charcoals and greys with blue undertones are a great way to modernise your kitchen. Painting existing cabinetry and swapping out small appliances with a darker colour will make a world of difference.


When it doubt, keep it minimal

Often the most style-forward homes we see are the ones with minimal features – the benchtops are clear, with no clutter in sight. Modern homes also use a few standout features like marble. It’s a durable surface that can stand consistent use.

If we’ve inspired you to take the first steps in renovating, or maybe you’ve gone and created a Pinterest board to get the ideas flowing, consider your kitchen flooring. You can build other critical elements around it, giving you an idea of how colour schemes will tie into your flooring choices.


Get in touch with our friendly team to help you choose the right kitchen floor and offer a helping hand in the renovation process. Let’s start your renovation journey together.


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